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For Whom Daniel has Composed

Writer, Director, Actor

"Creative composition inevitably requires meticulous attention to detail - Daniel's musical talent, combined with his initiative and work ethic, yields great results and make him a pleasure to work with."

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Producer & Actor

"In the short time that I have worked with Daniel I have noticed that when he experiences film footage, he has the rare immediate emotional response that reflects back as a proper balanced musical reaction. Whether one instrumental sound or an entire group of instruments and voices, when I watch footage with his music it moves me deep in my soul. It finds its perfect place amongst the story. I cannot wait to see the upcoming movie scores he creates over his lifetime. I am excited to start my upcoming projects with him."


Writer, Director, Producer

"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Daniel on my feature film, The Forgiving. Not only was the musical score itself creative and a perfect fit, but Daniel's professionalism and agreeable approach made the experience fun and exciting. I feel lucky to have had him on board."

Johnathan Aguero.jpg

Writer & Producer

"I would recommend Daniel without hesitation. The themes and music he composed were excellent and contributed well to a successful end product. Also important, I enjoyed the process of work with Daniel; he was very easy to communicate with and was the consummate professional."

Timothy Coons.jpg


Producer, Songwriter, Musician

"We asked Daniel to score a segment for our podcast and he hit the mood, energy, and timing of the piece right on the head. His artistry and thoughtfulness is spot on!"

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"The stresses of making a film are large in scope...but the artists that create and help to make full vision happen are the heroes...Daniel is one of those artists...working hard to perfect and inspire us all...and has a great future ahead of him."

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Vocal Coach, YouTuber, Musician

"Daniel is simply a joy to collaborate with. His ability to be both flexible and creative as directives change and evolve make Daniel my first call as a co-writer and composer. His calm, yet direct communication style is helpful when working with groups of artists. He is able to perform and lead by example and raise the standard of quality for any project he's involved with."

Dave Powers_edited.jpg

Musician, Songwriter: MountainCity

"Daniel is an AMAZING songwriter, composer, and performer!"

David Styles.jpg


Producer, Supervisor of Special FX

"Daniel is an extremely talented and gifted musician and composer.  Given the nearly impossible task of composing music that supported an action movie that had fantasy and horror elements while not yet being completely edited, astutely displayed his innate feel for different genres of films as well as his patience, flexibility, and team attitude."

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